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Co-join event with Yew Tee Magic Interest Group…
Each person @ $5.(Drinks provided)

Come join us for an exciting event as we will be having walk about magicians and Guest Performers!! You will be surprise with who we will be inviting!!

Party start on 7pm to 10pm (level4 SCAPE @ GridMMS!)


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Come join me and others on 18th Dec!!

Magic For You: Algebra Trick

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Free Magic

Algebra Trick

Start by writing on a piece of paper the number 3. Turn it upside down on a table. Then challenge your friends math skills with this.

Choose a Number 1-10

Add 5

Double the result (x2)

Subtract 4

Divide the result by 2

Subtract the number you started with

The result is 3

Now turn over you paper and tell them that you knew they were going to end with that number.

Hello world!

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